What to do in case of emergency?


When you feel a discomfort or suffer an accident, the first thing to do is locate one of our clinics in your area.
All of them are clearly marked in the Hospitals section Hospitals.


When arriving at one of our clinics, a valid official identification (INE or Passport) must be presented, so that the receptionist can verify your identity and canalize you to the General Doctor on duty.


The General Physician is the one who will attend you in the first instance, he will determine if you need any Specialyst check up, laboratory analysis or some type of imaging to reinforce or confirm the diagnosis. He will generate the clinical report that will give the necessary follow-up during your recovery.

Specialists, Laboratory and Imaging

According to the General Doctor´s requests, all the Specialists Check-ups, Laboratory analysis, and imaging are included in your policy. It is important to confirm appointments in a timely manner in each area of their care to avoid delays in the procedure.

Covid-19 test

If the General Doctor requests a Covid-19 detection test, you will be able to perform it our Cancún Clinic. Depending on the diagnosis, the corresponding protocol will be established. No hospitalization or surgical procedure is included in the policy.